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Check out the videos we have collected for you.


They are related to the use of technology in education, especially the use of Web 2.0. There are more than 50 videos, which include tutorials for different Web 2.0 tools (Pbworks, Twitter, Posterous, Wetpaint, Elluminate,Wallwhisher, Del.icio.us, blogging, RSS, Digg, Audacity, Google Reader, Google Documents, Google Wave, WiZiQ, Ning, Blogger, among many others.


Just click the arrows to go back and forth and find a video. Then, click on the video on the left column.



CALL videos






TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO)

A Project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section  







Comments (2)

Mounia said

at 3:09 am on Feb 5, 2010

none of these videos does open. Sorry for that :(

Daf said

at 2:59 pm on Feb 5, 2010

They do open for me. You just need to click on the video on the left, then wait until the video buffers. Just be patient. It will take more or less depending on your internet connection speed.

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