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Page history last edited by Kat Urbaniak 10 years, 7 months ago


Live Session with Andy Pincon on Alado




Thursday 4th Feb, 16.00GMT


Guest speaker: Andy Pincon & company

Moderators: Evelyn Izquierdo (Venezuela) and Kat Urbaniak (Canada)

Coordinators: Dafne (Venezuela) and Teresa (Portugal)



Vaughan, Gaby, Andy's daughter (USA), Sheela (Brazil), ValentinaS (Russia), Lujan (Argentina), Evelyn (Venezuela), David Cee (USA), SharonB (USA), Belkis (Venezuela), GabrielaC (Argentina), Paul, Houssnia (Morocco), Beatrice (Brazil), Catherine (Peru), Maizie (Israel) , Ellen Clegg (USA), Lyudmyla (Russia), Chaouki (Tunisia), Debra, Andy's wife (USA), Habiba (Morocco), Elizabeth Anne (France), Victor Hugo Rojas (Peru)




Link to recording


Click here for the whole session recording


Screens from the presentation:








Please leave comments at our blog:



Complete chatlog:


DafneG : hi Andy and all

kat_urbaniak : Hi Andy

DafneG : yes, I can hear you, Andy

Evelyn : Hi, Andy!

DafneG : great

sheela : nice

DafneG : hola Maria

sheela : hellooo Maria

DafneG : como estas, Maria?

M Luján : Hola!

Evelyn : Welcome all to our 2nd live session

teresadeca : saludos de portugal!!!

sheela : hola

sheela : gracias

Evelyn : She is saying hello and welcoming you

DafneG : lol

DafneG : thanks, gracias :-)

teresadeca : good for them!!! :-)

kat_urbaniak : wow, 6!

teresadeca : hello gabriela!

sheela : wow

sheela : lol

Gaby : Hi

DafneG : hi gabriela!!!!!

Evelyn : Kat, can you chat in Gtalk for a sec?

M Luján : hi!

teresadeca : fabulous!!!!

sheela : ok

sheela : helloo Dafne

sharonbetts : Hi Daf - finally managed to get to a live-session. So nice that it is with Andy, too.

kat_urbaniak : Hey Sharon

gabriela crocilla : hi, everybody

kat_urbaniak : Hi Teresa

sharonbetts : Hi Kat - and Teresa

Evelyn : Hi dear Tere!

belkisy : Hi, bawers!

belkisy : Hi Gabriela!

Gaby :

DafneG : when Gabriela was a baby she was connecting with us :-)

teresadeca : yes, daf :-)

DWES : anyone else want to to say anything now

Evelyn : yeap

DWES : This is me, on DWES

DWES : Andy

DafneG : :-)

DWES : ok, are we ready for a poll, it will ask you all what country are in right now for this session

sharonbetts : A very quiet group - just waiting for Andy

DafneG : Evelyn? Kat?

Evelyn : yes, me

M Luján : Argentina

kat_urbaniak : Canada

teresadeca : portugal

sharonbetts : Maine USa

belkisy : Venezuela!

Valentina S : Russia

Evelyn : Venezuela

Gaby : Wisconsin, USA

teresadeca : me neither

David Cee : I am in St. John, Indiana, in the US

DafneG : Cararcas, Venezuela

gabriela crocilla : Argentina

paul : Germany

pius xi - ms : milwaukee wis

sheela : Brazil

Pius XI : Milwaukee, WI

Gaby : Russia

Gaby : above

teresadeca : lol

sheela : lol

DafneG : lol

DWES : Polling results:

Yes:11 No:0

pius xi - ms : ha!!!

Gaby : No, someone else is from Russia

kat_urbaniak : yes

pius xi - ms : yes

paul : ok

M Luján : right

Pius XI : got it

sharonbetts : Alado has improved - I like the smoother interface

Tiana Houssnia : hi

gabriela crocilla : Is somebody talking? I can't hear anything

Gaby : Gabriela crocilla maybe I can help

Tiana Houssnia : i am just typying

sheela : andy is talking

Tiana Houssnia : any one there?

Gaby : If you look down, below this chat, there is a sound and microphone icon ....

Gaby : make sure the bars are moved towards the right

gabriela crocilla : yes

Gaby : Also, make sure your volume is "up" and not muted on your sound icon

Evelyn : Icons? I don't have them

Gaby : There are two items that effect sound

DafneG : yes, you should have a mic and speaker

sheela : mute

sheela : check if it is on

gabriela crocilla : yes, I caould hear at the beginning but not now

gabriela crocilla : could

Evelyn : nop

gabriela crocilla : I have them

M Luján : below the chat window

Gaby : One is your PC's volume, and one is way below on bottom left of this screen

Gaby : Hmmmm, if you could hear, and now can't .....

M Luján : that's where they're

Gaby : I am not sure ...

Evelyn : just buttons, not icons

Evelyn : uhmm....:-(

Tiana Houssnia : what are we suppossed to talk about?

DafneG : that´s great, Andy

kat_urbaniak : Tiana - we are listening to Andy

DafneG : wow!

Gaby : Sometimes going out and coming back in ... or rebooting, but then you'll miss part of the presentation ... but if you can't hear, I guess that is the only choice

sharonbetts : looks like our storage room, ha

Evelyn : wowwwwwwwwwww

teresadeca : lovely building and grounds

Tiana Houssnia : ok talking about recycling computers

Evelyn : what are you going to do with all of that?

M Luján : I could send some old hardware which I don't know where to put

DWES_1301 : It doesn't look like that anymore. The screen with all the computers. It looks half empty now.

M Luján :

sharonbetts : Great program - are many of these learners ones that have lost their jobs?

Gaby : Sharon: absolutely!

M Luján : sounds great

Evelyn : wonderful

DWES_1301 : To sharonbetts: I'm one of the sturdent's I just didn't like my former job. I took the classes and here I am. I'm loveing it! ! !

sharonbetts : WOW

kat_urbaniak : 1700!

sheela : a lot

belkisy :

DWES_1301 : Virtual Library

pius xi - ms :

teresadeca : nice to relate a name to a face, maria :-)

pius xi - ms : Go Marquette!

sharonbetts : @DWES - what a great chance

pius xi - ms : Class of 1981

pius xi - ms : ok!

DafneG : :-)

sheela : ok

DWES : anyone can talk now

DafneG : ok

pius xi - ms : we want to learn more about grant-writing!

teresadeca : great first part, andy!

teresadeca : who would like to make a comment?

DafneG : I love these projects

belkisy : Great intro!

DafneG : any question or comment?

sharonbetts : Such a nice job and program - wish they could expand across the US

belkisy : A question Andy...How can I invite a bawer to join us from here?

kat_urbaniak : Hi David

teresadeca : hi david!

DafneG : hi David

Evelyn : Hi

teresadeca : ty :-)

sheela : hi

Evelyn : Thanks dear

DafneG : thanks!!!

sharonbetts : Hi David and all - glad you are enjoying the sessions. Nice to hear you.

teresadeca : we've enjoyed having you with us, david! :-)

David Cee : obrigado!

Evelyn : I'd like to try my mic, may I?

DafneG : go ahead, Eve

teresadeca : sure

sheela : go ahead

sharonbetts : Want to hear Evelyn sometime -

Gaby : Yes, Evelyn wants to talk

DafneG : click on the mic icon to speak, Evelyn

Evelyn : I am speaking

Evelyn : can you hear me?

DWES : well Evelyn press the control key and talk

DWES : almost

DWES : try again

DWES : take your time

Evelyn : yes, go ahead

Evelyn : np

Evelyn : sorry

Gaby : yes

David Cee : yes

sheela : yes

teresadeca : how cute!!!

kat_urbaniak : yes

DWES_1301 : My last name is Niño! ! ! FYI. LOL

Tiana Houssnia : hi

Lyudmyla : Hi

gabriela crocilla : ?

Lyudmyla : great!

sheela : fantastic!!

gabriela crocilla : Is there something going on? because I can't hear anything and the image is frozen

Lyudmyla : is it an inernational school?

kat_urbaniak : evelyn - gtalk for a sec

Gaby : Gabriela, there is nothing wrong with the presentation, sounds like your computer may be the problem

Gaby : perhaps rebooting???

DafneG : eveerything fine here

Tiana Houssnia : it s so nice to see all these kids working on computers!

teresadeca : everything fine here

teresadeca : congrats!!!

gabriela crocilla : fine, here now

chaouki : i took time to join you. Hi everybody

sheela : gr8!

sheela : hello chaouki

Tiana Houssnia : hi

gabriela crocilla : hi, chaouki

belkisy : Hi Chaouky. Good 2 c u here!

maizie : What's a charter school?

Lyudmyla : is it an IB school?

chaouki : Thanks you friends

DWES : it is a state funded school

kat_urbaniak : now we can hear you :-)

teresadeca : nice to hear you, debra

DafneG : gabriela is an expert :-)

sharonbetts : Nice sound

sharonbetts : Like the name "Connections Academy"

sheela : hi debra

sheela : it is ok now

DafneG : sound is fine

DWES : your sound is ok

rehab122@hotmail.com : hi

DWES : ok yes

Lyudmyla : What is special about your curriculum?

DafneG : guapa, gabriela!!!!

sheela : hello gabriella!!!

sheela : beautiful!!

teresadeca : hi gaby!!! :-))

kat_urbaniak : Hi gaby :-

belkisy : So they prepare Bill Gates of the future?

gabriela crocilla : hi, Gaby

Evelyn : she is a true digital native

Evelyn : :-)

Tiana Houssnia : so cute

teresadeca : lol

DafneG : total autonomy!

teresadeca : brain pop is fabulous!

Evelyn : I am amazed

Valentina S : Science fiction!

Evelyn : can you imagine, Baw in 10 years?

teresadeca : yes!!!!

Evelyn : so, Tere and Daf, think about it?

Lyudmyla : school must be really great!

DafneG : love it - amazing

teresadeca : will have to, evelyn!!!

maizie : doesn't the student have to be super disciplined!

Evelyn : the new e-generation

sheela : lol

teresadeca : great point, gaby!

DafneG : true!

maizie : What about friends and playing?

teresadeca : there's a time for everything, gaby

DWES : Maizie, either the student or their parents, as in our case

Evelyn : I can't even believe this is happening

teresadeca : and sometimes it's just too early

kat_urbaniak : I have to present on netgen on Monday - I will definitely mention gaby!

Lyudmyla : this school's system myst be really properly built in

DafneG : you need to be organized, autonomous and self-motivated

teresadeca : absolutely, dafninha

ElizabethA : Hi - have I missed much ? I thought it was ABOUT to begin :-(

Evelyn : sure, daf

teresadeca : you'll have the recording, eanne

belkisy : I guess it demands a lot from the teachers.

teresadeca : we've been here for 30 mins

DafneG : and the parents!

DafneG : lol

rehab122@hotmail.com : yes demanding

Evelyn : Andy must be very proud of her

maizie : what about social contact and learning about social situations?

sheela : yes

DWES : yes

sheela : lol

teresadeca : we'll see elluminate tomorrow

DafneG : don´t rush, Gaby

chaouki : Salut

teresadeca : parlez-vous français, gaby?

rehab122@hotmail.com : salut chaouki

sheela : nice pics

chaouki : Salut Rehab

DafneG : I like this :-)

teresadeca : brainpop is cool

belkisy : I mean, time from the teachers to prepare averything and, of course, from the students and parents as well.

Evelyn : Love this!!! My little daughter has to learn how to use Alado too, hehehe

sheela : it is really rich

sheela : imagine the autonomy that is buit there...

kat_urbaniak : Thanks gaby!

Evelyn : daf, you should show this to your ss

DafneG : Bravo!!!!!

sheela : congratsss gaby!!!!!

teresadeca : loved it, gaby!!! applause

chaouki : that's good, thanks

Evelyn : clap clap clap clap

sheela : byeeeee

gabriela crocilla : Great, Gaby!

DWES : thanks Gaby

DWES : love you

ElizabethA : BRAVO !!

gabriela crocilla : Thanks a lot

belkisy :

Gaby : Thank youu

sharonbetts : Gotta love the honesty of students and their insight.

Evelyn : bravo!!!!!!!

teresadeca :

Valentina S : Marvelous!!!!Thank you, Gaby!!!

sheela : superb

DafneG : you are awesome, Gaby!!!!

maizie : Gaby thanks that was really great1

eclegg :

teresadeca :  it!

pius xi - ms : we'll

pius xi - ms : test

rehab122@hotmail.com : good job

Tiana Houssnia : so awesome!

sheela : i hear u

kat_urbaniak : very quiet

DafneG : low

sheela : but it is too low

ElizabethA : very quietly

Evelyn : How old are you again, Melinda?

DafneG : speak louder

DWES_1301 : raise the volume

maizie : I can hear something very faintly

maizie : maybe mike louder?

teresadeca : me too, maizie

Lyudmyla : can't hear either

rehab122@hotmail.com : no sound

sheela : no sound now

Pius XI : we're working on it!

Evelyn : no sound for me

sheela : alright

belkisy : No sound

DafneG : nobody speaking

gabriela crocilla : can't hear

chaouki : be patient guys!!

DWES_1301 : yes

DWES_1301 : agree

Tiana Houssnia : ok

Alado : this is a sound check on this computer

Evelyn : We are Chaouki, just are anxious to hear Melinda

Alado : we locked up with Pius XI

belkisy : We are giving feedback.

sharonbetts : Aha - well we can keep discussing

maizie : what's on elluninate tomorrow?

sharonbetts : Do other countries have any resources for younger students like the Connection Academy?

Alado : Debby can you tell me if you hear me on this computer

Alado : now

sharonbetts : nope

pius xi - ms : keep moving! we cannot get the mike to work!

chaouki : nothing

sheela : nope

rehab122@hotmail.com : no

belkisy : Nothing like that in Venezuela.

pius xi - ms : bummer

sharonbetts : should one of us try to speak?

sheela : believe in b

pius xi - ms : we're so fun!

Evelyn : Not in Venezuela

sheela : Brazil also.. at least i dunno

Evelyn : just a couple of schools

Evelyn : private schools

Valentina S : It might be something like that in Moscow?!

sharonbetts : Home and virrtual schooling seems to be growing in the US

DafneG : I could hear some sound

gabriela crocilla : Here, in Argentina I think we don't have

sheela : it is very interesting

sharonbetts : heard just a very low sound

DafneG : I can hear sound from Tiana

kat_urbaniak : Tiana are you going to speak?

Tiana Houssnia : me too

Tiana Houssnia : trying

sharonbetts : someone's mic is on and working

kat_urbaniak : Tiana your mic is on

ElizabethA : Does everyone have the chat moving out of the window?

chaouki : do you think that this kind of school may make some students a little bit reluctant?

sharonbetts : YES

DafneG : listening to Tiana

David Cee : thanks, tiana

belkisy : Virtual schooling is something that had to pop out anytime.

sharonbetts : now, back

DafneG : great, sound back

Tiana Houssnia : i talked did u hear me

David Cee : yes

kat_urbaniak : Yes Tiana

rehab122@hotmail.com : am disconnected

chaouki : no

DafneG : yes we did

DWES_1301 : a lil

Tiana Houssnia : great

belkisy : I didn't hear u Tatiana

kat_urbaniak : but it was quiet, want to repeat it?

ElizabethA : Can you say you're name first please

ElizabethA : your :-(

Tiana Houssnia : ok my name is Houssnia

pius xi - ms : Thank you all-- I will test you!

Tiana Houssnia : or shall i use the mike? lol

sheela : nobody talking?

pius xi - ms : We enjoy 1000 student this is the Apllied investment lab that Andy built for us!

kat_urbaniak : Sorry Houssnia

David Cee : is pius XI coed?

pius xi - ms : Incredible effort

belkisy : Sorry, Tiana. I confused with Tatiana.

maizie : During the rocket attacks children in the Sderot/Ashkelon area learnt online

rehab122@hotmail.com : nothing

Tiana Houssnia : i know that

Tiana Houssnia : dont worry

pius xi - ms : we felt blessed to have the leadership and we are seeking to strengthen

Tiana Houssnia : my family name is Tiana

chaouki : ok

pius xi - ms : With over 11 million in scholarships

pius xi - ms : we hoped to increase the level of opportunity

belkisy : Thanks for the clarification, Houssnia.

sharonbetts : Nice looking lab and students too.

pius xi - ms : for graduates who need to tech-savvy

Tiana Houssnia : it s pleasure

Evelyn : sorry, I had to log out. Where these photos taken?

pius xi - ms : in conjunction with Andy, we are upgrading

sharonbetts : what is the program

pius xi - ms : the purpose is to become a higher ed partner

pius xi - ms : especially with Marquette University

sharonbetts : the monitors on the wall are quite NICE!

belkisy : Sounds interesting.

DafneG : Sorry, I need to leave now :-( I have a meeting at the university. Thanks Andy - I will listen to the recording. Bye every1

pius xi - ms : overall our students are achievement oriented

sharonbetts : By DAf

kat_urbaniak : Bye daf

Evelyn : bye daf

belkisy : By DAf

pius xi - ms : also 1 of 3 is very very poor

DafneG : hugs Gaby!!!!

Valentina S : Bye!

sheela : bye bye dafne

chaouki : bye Daf

maizie : Bye

teresadeca : bye daf

ElizabethA : nye Daf

rehab122@hotmail.com : bye daf

pius xi - ms : thank you

Tiana Houssnia : that sound like a revolution on technology

DafneG : I got some screenshots

gabriela crocilla : bye, Daf

chaouki : I still hear nothing

Evelyn : no sound for me

Gaby : Byee

maizie : isn't this REALLy expensive?

teresadeca : me too

maizie : nor me

pius xi - ms : WE need to log off

kat_urbaniak : Thanks Daf and Tere, I took some too

sheela : is sound back?

teresadeca : great, kat

rehab122@hotmail.com : no

ElizabethA : @chaouki - on my computer you are logged in several times !

Tiana Houssnia : i can read byes, are we closing?

maizie : i hear Andy

sheela : i hear nothing...

kat_urbaniak : Houssnia - daf is leaving, not everyone else

Tiana Houssnia : i dont hear anyting

Evelyn : No Tiana, just Daf left

belkisy : It's because Dafne left. We're still on.

chaouki : Good afternoon

Tiana Houssnia : ok

rehab122@hotmail.com : we just say goodbye to Daf

maizie : no Housnia -Daf had to go

Tiana Houssnia : thanks

teresadeca : hello, victor!

rehab122@hotmail.com : she is leaving

kat_urbaniak : Hi Victor

DWES_1301 : Hola Victor! ! !

chaouki : the sound is too low

sheela : is andy speaking??? slides ar emoving

Tiana Houssnia : hi Victor

maizie : can't hear so well

belkisy : Hi Victor

rehab122@hotmail.com : no sound at all

teresadeca : great sound, maizie!

Evelyn : congrats!!!

teresadeca : check your volume

Lyudmyla : I can't hear

sheela : cnt hear

belkisy : Sorry, where is this institute?

ElizabethA : Who has got sound ?

teresadeca : me

DWES_1301 : It's in Chicago on the southside

chaouki : not me

M Luján : me too

Valentina S : Me

belkisy : It's very low 4 me.

maizie : my sound is ok I heard Andy very well

Gaby : youtubee

ElizabethA : yes

ElizabethA : music

Alado : so this is brief Youtube video on Instituto

rehab122@hotmail.com : yeah

teresadeca : lovely music!

Lyudmyla : it's off,the picture is off,and no sound

Evelyn : Lambada, yeah!

Tiana Houssnia : yeah

Valentina S : Lambada!

sharonbetts : Nice job for Alada and the video -

belkisy : Sounds like it is in Peru or Ecuador, or Bolivia.

sheela : i am back

maizie : I think its downloading

sheela : had to reboot

Alado : remember, Youtube is delivering this to your computers, not us at our college

Tiana Houssnia : buffering

ElizabethA : @Lyudmyla - oh dear - I have both now

Alado : what this portal is able to do, is access online content like this YouTube video

Evelyn : How wonderful program!

Evelyn : Congrats, Andy!

Alado : so don't confuse the audio going on and off with this portal

sharonbetts : it is great - powerful for students and participants

DWES_1301 : Depending on your internet connection. The video will be biffering

DWES_1301 : *buffering

maizie : LOL

sharonbetts : I kinda like biffering better

Alado : it's because you are seeing this Youtube through this portal and YouTube is not always going to deliver this to your computers in a steady stream

Gaby : Mine isnt buffering

Lyudmyla : I'm sorry,I have to leave you,can't see anything and can't hear anything!

chaouki : are you hearing anything?

Evelyn : How many graduates in all these years?

sheela : yes,

sharonbetts : Too bad Lyudmyla - maybe the recording

teresadeca : sorry to hear that, lyudmyla

rehab122@hotmail.com : no

belkisy : I always pause till it's completely downloade or half way.

sheela : i had no sound, left and came back... i was disconnected

sheela : lol

teresadeca : hoep you're lucky with the recording

sheela : if you have no sound, try it

maizie : maybe you should log off and then back onlyudmila?

Evelyn : I am very touched

Tiana Houssnia : now it works

sheela : wonderful program, isnt it?

chaouki : I can see the chat box only

Lyudmyla : ok,I'll stay online,the picture is back,just waiting for the sound

Evelyn : wonderful

sharonbetts : Well must go to a lunch meeting - so glad to have managed to get to some of this presentation. I am very impressed wtih the program - thank you, Andy.

belkisy : Bye Sharon

maizie : Bye Sharon

ElizabethA : nye Sharon - I've finished work for the day !

Gaby : Gee thanks for changing it before its done

teresadeca : fabulous program!

kat_urbaniak : chaouki, you need to have installed the plug -in before you enter alado for the first time

sheela : i agree... it is very good

Evelyn : java

sheela : a variety of tools can we used

Tiana Houssnia : no sound and no motion

rehab122 : no motion

Tiana Houssnia : yes means the video does not move

ElizabethA : Video great (pff now) Can someone talk please

chaouki : we don't have here access to youube

Evelyn : I just see a slide, not a video

rehab122 : ok

rehab122 : it s moving

teresadeca : great looking facility

rehab122 : a set of computers

gabriela crocilla : Very interesting

teresadeca : wonderful :-)

rehab122 : it is a library

rehab122 : bibliotheca

teresadeca : hi elvia

belkisy : Hi Elvia

sheela : hello elvia

Gaby : um my headsets arent working but the computer over there<< has sound...

rehab122 : welcome

rehab122 : youth development through arts great

DWES_1301 : Can't hear

teresadeca : hear very well

maizie : I just got nlogged out

sheela : using images for teaching is gr8!!

rehab122 : and photoshops

Gaby : can you speak a little louder?

sheela : yep

ElizabethA : I've got no sound at all

teresadeca : log off and on again, eanne

sheela : elizabeth, check if you are still connected on topo

sheela : if not.. do as teresa said

ElizabethA : on topo ?

sheela : on top

sheela : of this chatbox

ElizabethA : says "waiting for reply

ElizabethA : guess I'll in and out

sheela : so, log off and come back again...

sheela : mine was the same and i left and came back and it as ok after that...

belkisy : Good idea to include senior citizens!

teresadeca : ty, elvia! great!

Tiana Houssnia : what 's next?

chaouki : Nice to meet you

teresadeca : hello, fernando!

sheela : hello fernando

belkisy : Hi Fernando

ElizabethA : YESSS

rehab122 : nice to meet you

sheela : working now elizabeth?

sheela :

ElizabethA : great - it wasn't making sense, now it does :-)

Alado : so this is Fernando

Alado : Fernando and I have worked together for 10 years now

Alado : each class we have at our four college locations we enter the students into the jobs database to find job and employers

victorhugor : No sound

belkisy : I can hear perfectly. Thanks, Fernando

DWES : ok, we now are finished with our presentation but the floor is open for any questions or comments

teresadeca : ty, fernando

sheela : bye fernando..

ElizabethA : @victorhugor - I just logged out then in again and it worked

sheela : ty

rehab122 : Thank u Fernanado

Valentina S : Thank you!

belkisy : He mentioned digital force. Nice concept.

Evelyn : thanks Fernando

ElizabethA : has it gone silent again ?

rehab122 : next

belkisy : Yes, I gueww.

Evelyn : yeap

Alado : Well new Webheads now is the time for you to speak up or text chat up

maizie : soon people will be do interviews online too

sheela : nobody is talking

Evelyn : Andy, it's been a great presentation

Evelyn : thanks a bunch!

chaouki : We haven't attendeed the whole preentation due to sound problems. Can anyone make a summary?

Alado : anyone else

belkisy : Very insightful, indeed.

kat_urbaniak : chaouki - we will post a recording, don't worry

chaouki : thanks

Alado : of course Tere

Gaby :

belkisy : I already did.

belkisy :

Tiana Houssnia : it's been great being with you and chatting, yet i have to go

maizie :

Tiana Houssnia : have a meeting at 530

belkisy : Bye, Houssnia. Great 2 c u here.

teresadeca :  to you all for a fabulous presentation

Tiana Houssnia : bye dear, all the pleasure is mine

gabriela crocilla : Thank you for the presentation. It's been very interesting

sheela : Congratulations for all Andy's team!

Valentina S : All presenters have been great!

Tiana Houssnia : take care every one!

belkisy : A big hand to all presenters and participants!

DWES_1301 : Hey that's me! ! !

Alado : Thank everyone for your participation

Crivitz : Thanks everyone

sheela : yes

teresadeca : last but not least, all the best with all the programs in the future :-)

sheela : kaat

Evelyn : Hi Kat

DWES : hi Kat

teresadeca : yes, kat

maizie : Thanks a lot Andy it was very varied and informative

victorhugor : Hanging No sound

rehab122 : hi kat

Evelyn : Thanks Andy

Evelyn : I don't have any icons here

Evelyn : Thanks, Kat

ElizabethA : thanks Kat

sheela : ty kat

DWES : and you all can stay in this portal as long as you want and talk or chat with one another

belkisy : Thanx Kat!

chaouki : Thanks kattttt

Evelyn : Andy

Evelyn : I have a question

kat_urbaniak : Hi Elizabeth

maizie : Thank you very much

teresadeca : how many of you have not tried sound? try it now

sheela : hi elizabeth

teresadeca : heard you eannne

maizie : me

sheela : me...

Evelyn : How could teachers make use of this platform?

DWES : go ahead Evelyn what do you want to ask

ElizabethA : great - it wasn't easy to see that it's working

Evelyn : Should they ask for permission to you?

DWES : it's available to all Webheads

Gaby : Dad are you dwes or alado??

DWES : and if you want to do a training session later let me know

DWES : pincon@digibridge.org

Evelyn : but, how do we schedule a class?

kat_urbaniak : Hi Valentina

teresadeca : hi vale!

ElizabethA : hi valentina

teresadeca : great sound, vale! very soft

kat_urbaniak : very quiet

maizie : I would love to do a training session

teresadeca : who was that? had trouble hearing

sheela : me too

Evelyn : Belkis where are you in Venezuela?

chaouki : Have a nice evening, everybody. Bye

teresadeca : hi habiba

Alado : here is our main website with over 100 recorded events under the 101+ Events link at the top

kat_urbaniak : Belkis - still very quiet

teresadeca : ty belkis. i heard you now, but low

ElizabethA : caracas - wow

Gaby : brb

kat_urbaniak : louder again, we can nearly hear you

teresadeca : much better, belkis

kat_urbaniak : glad you made it

Evelyn : I'm in Caracas too

teresadeca : i'm so glad, belkis. and also a pleasure for us

Evelyn : Belkis you are going to join the Venezuelan Webhead team

teresadeca : anyone else?

teresadeca : do take the opportunity

belkisy : Evelyn, I am willing

sheela : tried to talk

Gaby : K

teresadeca : don't be shy!!!!

Gaby : Daddddd

Evelyn : you will be more than welcome

kat_urbaniak : Sorry elizabeth, can you repeat?

Alado : so Gabriella we are talking about you in daddy's office in Chicago

maizie : Can i try to speak, please?

Gaby : whats my username for a moderator?

kat_urbaniak : Please do mazie :-)

Alado : everyone liked your presentation

Gaby : thank youu

ElizabethA : I don't have a mic icon

Crivitz : Andy Gabriella wants to sign in as moderator, needs her user id (she knows password)

teresadeca : you're fun, gaby :-)

sheela : neither do I

ElizabethA : I have a button that says "talk"

sheela : it is a button click to talk?

Evelyn : me too Elizabeth, but no icons

teresadeca : mine just has a mic icon

ElizabethA : when I pressed it it went to "wait" because you had the mike

Evelyn : and thay seem not to work

teresadeca : bottom left

Alado : hold on I'll check on the server and brb

maizie : Did anyone hear me , i tried to talk

teresadeca : hi habiba

Alado : yes, we hear you Maizie

ElizabethA : who is speaking please

Alado : very clear

belkisy : I did hewr u

teresadeca : didn't seem to hear you, maizie

kat_urbaniak : Hi habibia

ElizabethA : maizie ?

belkisy : I heard u maizie

maizie : Great

rehab122 : I talk but I don't hear my voice

Valentina S : Was it habiba?

rehab122 : yes

maizie : I can't hear

belkisy : Yeah. What is habiba? I thought it was a name...

Valentina S : Yes, Habiba, we don't hear our voice while we're speaking

maizie : Yes I hear you

rehab122 : did you hear me

teresadeca : yes

belkisy : Oh. i misspelt again. It's habibia.

Valentina S : Yes

Gaby : mhmm

kat_urbaniak : Belkis - I mis-spelt, it is Habiba

ElizabethA : habiba - I didn't hear you

Alado : Gabriella you can talk

Gaby : in the beginning of this school year (semptember)

Gaby : i dont want to

Alado : talk with Teresa

kat_urbaniak : gaby - how do you feel about the term "digital native"?

teresadeca : right. i remember your father mentioning it to me. couldn't remember when

maizie : yes

sheela : yes habiba

teresadeca : yes, i can, habiba

ElizabethA : yes habiba

victorhugor : Y

Valentina S : Yes

Gaby : i dont know what it means

belkisy : That's ok, Gaby. You're doing well.

Crivitz : She means she doesn't know the term digital native

Crivitz : It means someone to whom computers are natural

teresadeca : don't know what "what" menas, gaby?

teresadeca : measn...

maizie : it means you're good with computer things and internet and can use them well

teresadeca : means... so many typos :-(

kat_urbaniak : OK gaby, thanks :-)

Gaby : :_

Gaby :  *

Valentina S : So many adults and only one kid!

victorhugor : No sound

gabriela crocilla : +

gabriela crocilla : -+/+5

Crivitz : Gabriella also prefers to text

gabriela crocilla : sorry

Gaby : yesss i do brb

ElizabethA : I think it's less imposing

Valentina S : More used to writing English than speaking

belkisy : Gaby,remember we were kids too. So we perfectly understand you.

Gaby : Yayyy im a moderatorr

ElizabethA : I think there's the fear of interrupting others

teresadeca : kudos to you, gaby!!! :-))

Evelyn : In my case, I just cannot speak. I don't have any icons here. ;.((

sheela : i am trying but i think my mike is not ok

Valentina S : Exactly!

rehab122 : I think we are comfortable with text chats

belkisy : Or maybe ywe are afraid not to be heard.

Evelyn : I love your voice Tere

ElizabethA : but it's very distressing not hearing yourself on this platform

teresadeca : lol, evelyn :-)

Evelyn : :-))

rehab122 : because we don't know how our speech look like

Gaby : our voice sounds louder in our head then in real life so it sounds badd

ElizabethA : you don't know if it's working or not !

Evelyn : thanks Kat

maizie : Did anyone hear me?

belkisy : Thanks Kat

kat_urbaniak : mazie, your mic was on but we didnt hear your voice

teresadeca : no, i didn't, maizie

ElizabethA : OK -but I don't have ANY icones in the list of participants !

maizie : wierd...cos you heard me before right?

Evelyn : thanks, kat

maizie : gaby- don't you miss playing with friends in recess?

kat_urbaniak : Thanks tere :-)

Evelyn : cool!

Evelyn : when is it'

Evelyn : ?

Gaby : mhm. and if we stay in crivitz then i might want to go back to school but we're probably moving to canada

ElizabethA : sounds great

maizie : I would love to learn how to use this platform

Evelyn : add my name!

ElizabethA : I think the great advantage is to have guests.

kat_urbaniak : Gaby - Canada isn't so bad, I moved there 3 years ado :-)

teresadeca : ok, evelyn. thanks :-)

maizie : me too

Gaby : i know but i'll miss my friends even more.

Evelyn : I love the sound quality here

Evelyn : it's crystal clear

maizie : oh but then you could keep in contact with your online classmates Gaby

Evelyn : and the board is wide enough

Gaby : but they're boring! lol

Gaby : hold on

Evelyn : :-)) great

maizie : Great, thanks

belkisy : Great news! I was looking forward to it!

Evelyn : you are all invited

maizie : when is the elluminate session?

Evelyn : great!

sheela : tomorrow

kat_urbaniak : Maizie - tomorrow

Evelyn : behind the scenes ;-)

ElizabethA : That's fab !

kat_urbaniak : 17.00GMT

Valentina S : Great!

Evelyn : at 17:00 GMT

Evelyn : I have another question for Andy

belkisy : Evelyn, how do I join the Venezuelan Webhead team?

Evelyn : how many guests can we have on Alado?

maizie : I won't be able to attend tomorrow

kat_urbaniak : Maizie - there will be a recording

maizie : Thanks a lot!

Evelyn : @Belkis, just keep in touch

Valentina S : Unfortunately I'll be late for 20-30 minutes. Is it OK? Tomorrow, I mean

rehab122 : thanks

kat_urbaniak : Vale - that should be ok

Evelyn : @Belkis, join Avealmec. I'll let you know later

belkisy : Ok, Evelyn. Thanks.

Valentina S : Thank you!

sheela : thanks everybody... gotta go now..

sheela : cya 2morrow

maizie : Bye Sheela

sheela : at Elluminate

ElizabethA : Thanks a lot once more ... and vive the recoding of these sessions

sheela : bye maisie

Evelyn : bye Maisie

sheela : ok... for sure

Valentina S : That'll be wonderful!

sheela : i really want to learn all that, the tools are just gr8!!!

sheela : cya

sheela :

teresadeca : bye!

rehab122 : bye

sheela : humm

Valentina S : 6 years ago?!

belkisy : Does anybody know how many neebies are there in Baw2010? I'm one of them.

sheela : that's wonderful... thanks again

ElizabethA : Brilliant !

belkisy : I meant newbies.

sheela : Fantastic

Valentina S : 7 is a lucky number!

maizie : I have come back 3 years running...

belkisy : Good for you Maizie!

kat_urbaniak : the experience is amazing

maizie : ...and I'm definately a novice....

sheela : i will surely come back many times... the reward is helping other people

belkisy : BTW, where are you from Maizie?

ElizabethA : I think you're incredible - thank you so much.

sheela : i agree...

Valentina S : That's why I try to participate in all because I evaluate your volunteer efforts!

maizie : I'm from Israel originally from London

teresadeca : ´ty, vale

Valentina S : You're welcome!

maizie : ...Me too

belkisy : Hummm. You have an interesting name.

sheela : really leaving now.. Cya

ElizabethA : It has taken me 3 years not to feel bad about not being able to do more

kat_urbaniak : bye sheela

belkisy : Bye Sheela

Valentina S : Bye, Sheela!

ElizabethA : bye everyone - cu around :-)

sheela : bye kat, belkisy, valentina and everyone.

maizie : I feel like a newbie....there is so much being added all the time...

belkisy : Does anybody know how many newbies are there in Baw2010?

kat_urbaniak : Bye everyone, and thanks for participating

rehab122 : we are pleased

rehab122 : too

rehab122 : bye kat

Evelyn : Thank you everyone for coming

Evelyn : it was a great session

rehab122 : thank you Evelyn

belkisy : So most are repeat newbies!

Evelyn : Thank you Andy, his family and students

maizie : thank you for the session ...very informative

Evelyn : you are doing a great job

belkisy : It's been a pleasure to have this post-session chat with all of you.

Valentina S : Thank you!

Gaby : Byeeee

Valentina S : Bye!!!!!!!!!

rehab122 : I BYE



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