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Live Session with Michael Coghlan

Page history last edited by Daf 10 years, 8 months ago


Michael Coghlan session



Thursday, Jan 21

Yahoo Messenger





Guest Speaker: Michael Coghlan (Australia)

Coordinators: Teresa (Portugal) and Dafne (Venezuela)

Moderators: Jose Antonio (Brazil) and Larissa (USA)


Adolfo Arrieta (Colombia), Beatrice/Bees (Brazil), Chaouki (Tunisia), Dimivalmi/Valentina Sitnik (Russia), Galimber/Attilio (Italy), Gilmar (Brazil), Jean Michel (Colombia), Kikiyanes/Belkis (Venezuela), Mariana Oprea (Moldova), Marina Petrovic (Serbia), Patricia Sorrentino (Brazil), Sanja Bozinovic (Croatia), Sheelahh/Sheila Passos (Brazil), Shellysanchez77/Shelly Terrell (Germany), Sueannan29 (England), Tesuquer (???), Tilsit/Sara Tilleman (Israel), Vesile Acar (Turkey)










Session recording

Audio presentation (not edited; there may be some short periods without sound; just let it flow and enjoy!)


Your comments:

Please, post your comments about the session on our blog . We would love to read your opinions.





lolesova has joined the conference.

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dimivalmi has joined the conference.

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jose silva: I did

sheila passos: thanks... my prob is that i had no headset today

Sanja Bozinovic: brb

Dafne Gonzalez: hi all

sheila passos:

teca2002pt: very well

jose silva: Yes

sheila passos:

jose silva: clearly

dimivalmi: Valentina from Russia hears you well

jose silva: Hi Sue

jose silva: Nice to see you here

Dafne Gonzalez: Hi Michael!!!!

jose silva: Hello Valentina

gilmattos2001: I can see how awful it must be to be deaf

Patricia Sorrentino: I hear you all well, but I think you can´t hear me.

lolesova: Sanja - we can't hear you

teca2002pt: hi daf!

sheila passos: hello everybody...

lolesova: Patricia use green button pushed

Dafne Gonzalez: Hi Teresinha

Sanja Bozinovic: Sorry Can you repeat, please

lolesova: Sanja your voice is low - could you increase volume

tesuquer has joined the conference.

Sanja Bozinovic: That's what I did. Sorry

sheila passos: teca, can hear u perfectly

lolesova: You can try again Sanja

teca2002pt: ty mike 

Dafne Gonzalez: go ahea

teca2002pt: yes

Dafne Gonzalez: go ahead

lolesova: Yes Sanja

jose silva: yes

teca2002pt: hello sanja. very well

jose silva: Tanya

sueannan29: could you please re-invite acar? He seems to have a problem

lolesova: Gilmar do you hear us?

lolesova: I hear you

Dafne Gonzalez: we can hear you

lolesova: Could you check volume on the right

teca2002pt: gilmar, try logging out and come back.

dimivalmi: Are we supposed to type?

Dafne Gonzalez: he cannot hear us

tesuquer: can you explain how to talk? and can we use the webcam too to see?

gilmattos2001 has left the conference.

teca2002pt: if you have things to say

jose silva: Type and talk if you want now

dimivalmi: Vesile is she from Turkey

sueannan29: @vale yes

tilislt has joined the conference.

Sanja Bozinovic: ok

sheila passos: alright

dimivalmi: ok

mariana_oprea27: ok

jose silva: That is good

sheila passos: hello daf

Sanja Bozinovic: yes

teca2002pt: yes

sheila passos: perfectly

sueannan29: yes

Patricia Sorrentino: yes!!

Sanja Bozinovic: Hi

dimivalmi: yes, sure

tilislt: yes

mariana_oprea27: hello, daf

jose silva: Hi Daf

gilmattos2001 has joined the conference.

sheila passos: lol

jose silva: Hi sheela

sheila passos: good morning for brazil

lolesova: I can't hear you

jose silva: Welcome back Gilmar

lolesova: I have to leave and please invite me again, Jose

Dafne Gonzalez: yes

gilmattos2001: Same problem

jose silva: yes

gilmattos2001: I can't hear anybody

jose silva: all right larissa

lolesova has left the conference.

teca2002pt: how are the invitations coming along? everybody in that wants to come in, larissa and JA?

sheila passos: yep pat...

sueannan29: yes

tesuquer: yees

Patricia Sorrentino: great!!!

teca2002pt: gilmar, trying going through the sound wizzard in the Help menu (mian window)

dimivalmi: opened

Dafne Gonzalez: LOL


Patricia Sorrentino:

tilislt: yes

mariana_oprea27: mike are we supposed to read the info?

Jean Michel CHAUPART has joined the conference.

Dafne Gonzalez: I invited him

Dafne Gonzalez: hi JM

Jean Michel CHAUPART: Hello, Hola, salut

Sanja Bozinovic: Hello

Dafne Gonzalez: I don´t see her

mariana_oprea27: salut!

teca2002pt: will do

teca2002pt: great

gilmattos2001 has left the conference.

sheila passos:

nscitycall has joined the conference.

dimivalmi: Marina, hello!

teca2002pt: marina, you need headphones to hear us

Dafne Gonzalez: I invited Adolfo

sheila passos: hello jose

sheila passos: the same happens with me... i'm in the laptop

sueannan29: hi Chaouki

Dafne Gonzalez: nope

teca2002pt: ok

mariana_oprea27: is anyone using voice at the moment? i cannot hear anyone

Dafne Gonzalez: I am taking screenshots

sueannan29: no

teca2002pt: we'll keep our fingers crossed and see how things work after all the trials 

teca2002pt: ok, daf

mariana_oprea27: ok, thanks

Patricia Sorrentino: sure! no problem!

sueannan29: it's a good learning curve

dimivalmi: ok

Dafne Gonzalez: great!

teca2002pt: thanks, larisa

acar.vesile: thanks

acar.vesile: if the same thing happens and I lose my contact what should I do?

lolesova: anyone can invite belkis?

Sanja Bozinovic: Noone is talking, Gilmar

teca2002pt: oh dear, gilmar. don't know what to say.

adolfo arrieta has joined the conference.

jose silva: Hi I am back

teca2002pt: gilmar, using a headset?

sheila passos: helloo jose

soad_hamed: , can you also invite MArina again she lost this chat  , it disapeared, her id nscitycall

kikiyanes: Good morning everyone!

teca2002pt: hi belkis! welcome

Sanja Bozinovic: Hi Belkis

sheila passos: good morning kiki

dimivalmi: hi

adolfo arrieta: Good morning !

sueannan29: hI good afternoon

dimivalmi: hi to Morroco

sheila passos: it seems so

teca2002pt: oh dear

lolesova: please invite mohamed_chana@yahoo.ca

Dafne Gonzalez: bravo!!!

Dafne Gonzalez: Michael is a sweet person

soad_hamed: Hello

teca2002pt: welcome, michael!

kikiyanes: Welcome Michael

teca2002pt: poor michael!!!

sheila passos: hello michael

Patricia Sorrentino: good morning , Mike!

adolfo arrieta: Welcome Michael!

teca2002pt: sure, michael. we can

Dafne Gonzalez: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/synch-and-swim

jose silva: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/synch-and-swim

teca2002pt: has anyone invited mohamed?

kikiyanes: I hear Michael's voice up and down. I unchecked HAnds free.

lolesova: invite please this person galimber

sabasweb has joined the conference.

teca2002pt: please everyone uncheck "hands free"

teca2002pt: belkis, sound has these things

Dafne Gonzalez: interruptions in your sound is due to internet connection speed differences

mariana_oprea27: I think nobody is talking at the moment

sheila passos: michael is

Dafne Gonzalez: michael is speaking

mariana_oprea27: hmm, strange, i cannot hear

sabasweb: same here

sabasweb: i cant hear too

soad_hamed: Egypt- Cairo

Sanja Bozinovic: Velika Gorica, Croatia

dimivalmi: Valentina, Russia

Jean Michel CHAUPART: I am in Bucaramanga, Colombia

sueannan29: Jersey Channel Islands

Patricia Sorrentino: Patricia, Sao Bernardo, sao Paulo, Brazil

jose silva: In Brazil

lolesova: Jose please invite acar.vesile@yahoo.com - I can't

sheila passos: Teresina now- Brazil, but i am from Brasilia

Dafne Gonzalez: Caracas, Venezuela

teca2002pt: teresa in lisbon, portugal

tilislt: Sara in Israel

adolfo arrieta: At home, in Sincelejo, Sucre, Colombia.

nscitycall: Novi Sad, Serbia (I cannot hear anything)

Jean Michel CHAUPART: at home

Patricia Sorrentino: at home!!!!

sheila passos: ah home

sueannan29: At home

tilislt: at home

soad_hamed: at home

Dafne Gonzalez: at home in my office in front of the garden

teca2002pt: at home

Sanja Bozinovic: At home, but should be going to work

dimivalmi: Valentina at home

tesuquer: jerusalem, israel at home

nscitycall: at home

sabasweb: Saba Khan from India

sheila passos: hello saba

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 5

sabasweb has left the conference.

sheila passos: for those who have no sound, try clickin on the voice icon on the top bar...

mariana_oprea27: I can hear! thanks

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 6

sheila passos:

kikiyanes: At home

Sanja Bozinovic: no

sueannan29: f2f

sheila passos: i try blended learning.... it been hard but i try

Dafne Gonzalez: I teach online

Jean Michel CHAUPART: Iteach in fully online mode "Training the trainers"

Patricia Sorrentino: blended learning....most f2f

Sanja Bozinovic: f2f

tilislt: Classroom and one course in blended learning (with Moodle)

sheila passos: sorry, f2f?

adolfo arrieta: f2f

soad_hamed: Now only online , almost for 2 years, few classes offline

kikiyanes: f2f, so far

tesuquer: no technology in classroom

dimivalmi: Valentina -blended learning. classroom 85 % + 15% online

dimivalmi: Valentina - sometimes have to bring my own netbook

soad_hamed: using different virtual classes

kikiyanes: I'll start using my mininotebook this year...

sabasweb has joined the conference.

sheila passos: for sure

tilislt: The students just chat about what ever topic they want?

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 9

Beatrice H. Alves has joined the conference.

sheila passos: hello beatrice

sheila passos:

sabasweb: hellooo

sabasweb: am i in??? i cant listen nor see the text  part scrolling its all stoped

sheila passos: hello saba... to hear try clicking on the voice icon on top

Dafne Gonzalez: yes you are in

sheila passos: michael is taking

sheila passos: talking

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 10

galimber has joined the conference.

jose silva: Hi Atilio

jose silva: Welcome

galimber: hi everybody!

Sanja Bozinovic: I have to leave or I'll be late. Thanks, Michael. Bye everyone.

jose silva: Bye Sanja

sueannan29: bye sanja

Dafne Gonzalez: bye Sanja, thanks for coming

sheila passos: bye sanja

saba khan has left the conference.

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 11

galimber: where do we see these slides?

Dafne Gonzalez: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/synch-and-swim

sheila passos: http://www.slideshare.net/michaelc/synch-and-swim

galimber: thank you!

soad_hamed: That is great

sheila passos: lol

tilislt: what motivation do students have to chat with each other in English - do you just suggest it to them and hope that they do it

tilislt: My name is Sara

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 12

Dafne Gonzalez: slides 13 znd 14

soad_hamed: * Can you please add (nscitycall) again?

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 15

mariana_oprea27: can someone tell me what are whiteboards?

teca2002pt: glad you made it, marina!

soad_hamed: are you all silent or it is my computer (testing )

Dafne Gonzalez: yes

sheila passos: soad, try clicking on the voice icon on top for hearing the conversation

sheila passos: mike is talking

Dafne Gonzalez: Michael is speaking

teca2002pt: absolutely, michael. about jonathan

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 16

sheila passos: cool

sheila passos: sl

sheila passos: do we have voice in sl?

dimivalmi: does second life need high speed inet?

sheila passos: wow!!

mariana_oprea27: is it like a "video game"?

kikiyanes: Whiteboards are the boards teachers write on with erasable markers.

dimivalmi: thanks

sheila passos: it looks amazing... i've got a try it

shellysanchez77 has joined the conference.

Patricia Sorrentino: daf, do sts meet ohter people who are not their classmates in these environments?

nscitycall: great idea

sheila passos: definitely daff

dimivalmi: perfect to have a tour

sheila passos: i would love to know it better

Dafne Gonzalez: the technical requirements are on the site

soad_hamed: I have to go now, Thanks Michael about this wonderful presentation and thank you all

kikiyanes: I'd love to join a tour.

sheila passos: bye soad!!

shellysanchez77: Hello everyone!

sheila passos: hello shelly

sheila passos: welcome

soad hamed has left the conference.

shellysanchez77: Am I supposed to be hearing voice?

sheila passos: yep

galimber: there's a nice Second Life project done by the British Council.. but I can't remember the link

Patricia Sorrentino: tks a lot!

galimber: British Council in Barcelona

sheila passos: mike is talking

shellysanchez77: I don't hear anything. Could it be my settings?

sheila passos: sheely, press the voice icon on top

sheila passos: see if it works

nscitycall: if don't hear go to ''actions'' and click ''enable voice chat'' even if it is ticked already

sueannan29: yes i did an online CertIBET

Patricia Sorrentino: yes, I ´ve used skype conferences ..mostly one to one . the most useful feature for me is the screen share one.

kikiyanes: Mike's speaking. I've been only hearing his voice up and down most of the time.

sueannan29: it was usually one on one or small group work

dimivalmi: tried written chat in google chat, but my students moaned that they couldn't type so fast

tesuquer: through evo courses

sheila passos: never used, first time

galimber: I did an online connection some years ago with an American School from SanDiego using Yahoo. the main problem was that both schools didn't have a broadband connection

sheila passos:

tilislt: I did an online course on webquests and we had a "chat" meeting where everyone showed what they prepared and we discussed it.  We had problem with the voice so only the moderator spoke and the rest of us typed ....

adolfo arrieta: Yes I have. I've used skype and SL.

galimber: but it was a positive experience

teca2002pt: ok

nscitycall: when I teach 1:1 I use either WIZIQ or Skype screenshare

galimber: small groups

shellysanchez77 has left the conference.

galimber: text chat and web

teca2002pt: larissa is unable to rejoin us. i've invited her several times, she's logged off and back, but nothings works 

dimivalmi: it was intel training for university students for 10

nscitycall: when I teach a group I prefer Vyew + Skype

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 19

kikiyanes: Teresa, will we be able to listen to this presentation somewhere? Is it being recorded?

Dafne Gonzalez: hopefully yes, kikiyanes

shellysanchez77 has joined the conference.

teca2002pt: i'm recording it, nelkis. hope it's working 

sueannan29: team bonding

sheila passos: nice....

kikiyanes: Thank God. I'm just guessing by reading the comments abd answers typed.

shellysanchez77: Hello again! Sorry I don't have the options mentioned I'm on a Mac

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 21

Dafne Gonzalez: People on Macs don´t have sound

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 22

kikiyanes: I'm recording the screen, chat and voice...

shellysanchez77: Does anyone here have a Mac? How did you get voice?

jose silva: Great Belkis

sheila passos: can you teach that later on kiki?

Dafne Gonzalez: no voice for Mac users on YM, sorry

Dafne Gonzalez: We will have the chatlog and the recording on our wiki and blog

sheila passos: thanx Daf

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 23

kikiyanes: Thanks dygonza.

Dafne Gonzalez: dygonza is Dafne

nscitycall: it's true - then the recording of synchronous lessons is vital

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 24

sheila passos: sorry...

teca2002pt: hopefully, mike! keeping my fingers crossed 

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 24

dimivalmi: what is used for recording voice?

kikiyanes: Hi, Dafne.

teca2002pt: i'm using audacity

Dafne Gonzalez:  hi Kiki

jose silva: I am using audacity, too

nscitycall: some virtual classrooms have this 'recording' option

dimivalmi: thanks

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 25

kikiyanes: I've used Audacity to convert LP songs into MP3.

teca2002pt: right

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 26

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 27

sheila passos: lol

teca2002pt: LOL. i love this comic, mike!

Dafne Gonzalez:

teca2002pt: for sure

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 28

kikiyanes: Which comic?

teca2002pt: on slide 27

Dafne Gonzalez: slilde 29

jose silva: That is really important Michael

teca2002pt: the comic, i meant, mike

sheila passos: lol, quite hard...

teca2002pt: absolutely, michael

teca2002pt: experience is everything

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 29

shellysanchez77 has left the conference.

teca2002pt: no sound?

sheila passos: ??

Dafne Gonzalez: no soud for me

nscitycall: no sound here as well

sheila passos: ok

Dafne Gonzalez: back

teca2002pt: sound is back

nscitycall: can hear you now

Dafne Gonzalez: sound back

galimber: now it's ok

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 31

kikiyanes: Still hearing up and down.

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 32

teca2002pt: nothing we can do, belkis 

teca2002pt: me too

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 33

nscitycall: yes

nscitycall: which tool would you recommed for a worshop?

teca2002pt: very shy people  

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 34

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 35

mariana_oprea27: I need to go to work, thanks Mike and co

Dafne Gonzalez: twitter

Patricia Sorrentino: twitter?

teca2002pt: twitter?

mariana_oprea27: have a nice day everyone!

nscitycall: twitter

sheila passos: cya mariana

teca2002pt: bye, mariana!

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 36

jose silva: By mariana

kikiyanes: I know. Thanks for the concern. I'm relaying on the recording.

Dafne Gonzalez: there are fund raisings for Haiti going on through twitter now

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 37

mariana_oprea27 has left the conference.

jose silva: Twitter is a fantastic tool

jose silva: I am just making

Dafne Gonzalez: no, I have not

dimivalmi: never used twitter

Patricia Sorrentino: not really

sheila passos: that's interesting...

sueannan29: never used twitter

Patricia Sorrentino: scary, isn´t it...../

sheila passos: need to use it more...

sheila passos: yep patricia... lol

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 39

teca2002pt: sue, graham will talk about it next week

Dafne Gonzalez: I love Cover it Live

kikiyanes: I've got accounts in Twitter and Second Life, but never used them.

Dafne Gonzalez: I have 2 twitter accounts the professional and one as a music fan

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 41

teca2002pt: interesting!

Dafne Gonzalez: brilliant indeed

Dafne Gonzalez: slide 42

sueannan29: I've ;ost the sound now

Dafne Gonzalez: Graham will talk about that in week 3

jose silva: We are using yammer for our CTJ ed tech team

sheila passos: didnt know twitter could be so helpful... i've got to learn lots with you

Dafne Gonzalez: yes!!!!!!!!

Dafne Gonzalez: in week 3

teca2002pt: next week

sheila passos: gr8!

jose silva: Yammer isbetter for companies

jose silva: It was great

sheila passos: Thank U so much Michael

Dafne Gonzalez: yessssss

teca2002pt: yes!!!!

Patricia Sorrentino: thank you so much..it was amazing!!!

sueannan29: Thank you very much

galimber: thank you Mike!

Dafne Gonzalez:

tilislt: Thanks - it was  extremely informative

dimivalmi: thank you ever so much!

Dafne Gonzalez: YAY for song

adolfo arrieta: Thank you Mike!

kikiyanes: Thanks Mike.

jose silva: I love the song

teca2002pt: it's party time!! 

nscitycall: thank you, it was great! I just tweeted it

kikiyanes: Thanks Bawers!

jose silva: Party

sheila passos: oh nice...

nscitycall: wow!

kikiyanes: Bye everybody!

teca2002pt: bye, belkis!

Dafne Gonzalez: we can sing along because we won´t be heard

teca2002pt: LOL

dimivalmi: bye Belkis

Beatrice H. Alves: bye and thanbks

Beatrice H. Alves has left the conference.

jose silva: Yes we can

sheila passos: lol

sheila passos: yep

nscitycall: yep

Dafne Gonzalez: yessss

teca2002pt: yes

Patricia Sorrentino: yep!!!

adolfo arrieta: yes

sueannan29: Bye and thanks everyone

jose silva: http://webheadstheme.wikispaces.com/

jose silva: the lyrics

dimivalmi: bye Sue

Dafne Gonzalez: I am chair dancing and singing

sueannan29 has left the conference.

Patricia Sorrentino: FANTASTIC!!!!!!

tilislt has left the conference.

Patricia Sorrentino:

sheila passos:

adolfo arrieta:

sheila passos:

Jean Michel CHAUPART:

jose silva:



jose silva: Bye everyone

tesuquer: chuckles in amusement

sheila passos:


Jean Michel CHAUPART has left the conference.

sheila passos: lets dance

tesuquer: thanks

tesuquer has left the conference.

dimivalmi: only teachers can be such great creators1

sheila passos: for michael!!!!

teca2002pt: absolutely, vale!

adolfo arrieta:

Dafne Gonzalez: YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SQUEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Sorrentino:  webheads all over the world!!! uhuhuhuhuhu

teca2002pt: tahnk you! great!

Dafne Gonzalez: thanks Michael!!!!!!!!!

Patricia Sorrentino: BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sheila passos: thanxxxxxxx

dimivalmi: smiles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jose silva: Thank you michael

sheila passos: congratss for all the group!

jose silva: bye everyone

dimivalmi: thank you!!!!

adolfo arrieta: Thank you Michael!

adolfo arrieta has left the conference.

jose silva: Bye Michael

Patricia Sorrentino: Hope to meet you in person in Braz Tesol - July, !! Patricia

sheila passos: bye everybody, cya next week in the next online adventure!!!!

Dafne Gonzalez: I am always looking forward to the end of your sessions to listen to you singing

Dafne Gonzalez: singing

Dafne Gonzalez: thanks everybody for coming!

sheila passos: where the braz tesol will be?

jose silva: Thanks everyone

Patricia Sorrentino: Sao Paulo

dimivalmi: never expected such alovely end!

sheila passos: do u know when patricia?

Patricia Sorrentino: let me send you the link..just a sec




















Comments (6)

Arja Moy said

at 1:13 pm on Jan 21, 2010

I don't know how to get connected

Arja Moy said

at 1:19 pm on Jan 21, 2010

I've gone to Yahoo groups, my email, clicked on everything I could think of / see. I'm getting nowhere and this will be over before I can get in.

Dincer Demir said

at 8:32 pm on Jan 21, 2010

thanks for recording

gilmar.mattos said

at 2:46 am on Jan 22, 2010

Great job with the recording, guys. I was sorry I could not hear anything and so had to leave the room.

Elizabeth said

at 4:23 am on Jan 22, 2010

Thanks for the recording ... Big smile to Tere who can be heared typing frenetically trying to get everyone in :-))

Pamela V. Arraras said

at 6:20 pm on Jan 24, 2010

A tip for those who have low bandwidth: It's very demanding on your internet connection to stream audio, so to listen to the recording, right-click, and choose "save link as" That will download the mp3 file to your computer and you don't need to stream from the internet (in my case it kept loading every 5 or 6 seconds, it was SO annoying!!!)

By the way, Kudoz to BaW Moderators, this interview is fantastic!!!

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