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Live Sessions






Time in GMT

Check the The World Clock for your local time, or try Qlock and mouseover the map in your area.

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Sessions Timetable

We will meet at Tapped In every Sunday at noon GMT. You are all welcome to these meetings.


Let's meet our panel of guest speakers!




Week 1


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT



BJ Berquist

BJ Berquist is an art teacher at the Loysville Youth Development Center, a residential male juvenile correctional facility in central Pennsylvania, USA. She was involved in the planning of the Civil Rights Forum held in TAPPED IN in May, 1998, leads several discussions at TAPPED IN, and is a Help Desk volunteer. BJ is an Associate Educator at TAPPED IN and edits the Tapis Newsletter and the Events Calendar. Look at http://www.tappedin.org/info/members/bj.html to learn more about what she does at TAPPED IN and to see her smiling face! 

Tapped In


Tour 1:

Thursday, Jan. 14

 14:00 - 15:00 pm GMT 


Session page

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Tour 2:
Saturday, Jan. 16
 19:00 - 20:00 pm GMT






Week 2


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT



Michael Coghlan has designed and delivered online courses in ESL, eModeration, and Using Online Technologies, and is an online instructor for the Graduate Certificate in eLearning delivered by Adelaide Institute of TAFE. He has written widely on issues to do with elearning, and presented at several international conferences, both physically and as a remote presenter. As a Flexible Learning Leader for the Australian Flexible Learning Framework in 2003 Michael researched the use of online voice technologies. Not surprisingly, he is a passionate believer in the power of online voice communications to inspire and motivate students.

Yahoo Messenger


Thursday, Jan. 21

at noon GMT (12:00)


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Week 3


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT


Graham Stanley is acting senior teacher at the British Council in Barcelona, Spain, and is project manager of the British Council's 'Learn English Second Life' project. He also teaches at the school of Tourism of the University of Ramon Llull in Barcelona. He has a M.Ed. in ELT & Educational Technology and is particularly interested in the application of emerging technologies to language learning and teaching. Graham will be talking about  Microblogging in Twitter

Webheads Elluminate Vroom  


Elluminate Tutorial


Session Page

Session Recording


Tuesday, Jan 26

 at 21:00 GMT


Week 4


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT

Evelyn Izquierdo (week 4 co-moderator)

is an ESP/EAP teacher at Central University of Venezuela and a Webhead in Action member since 2005. She is  a co-founder of Avealmec (the Venezuelan CALL association) and an active member of several distance education organizations. During the last five years, she has been leading the creation of networks for English teachers in her country and promoting the use of web tools in the language classroom, including the use of virtual rooms, such as WiZiQ.  In this session, she will offer an introduction to WiZiQ features and give attendees the opportunity to explore and play around with the different tools. This session will be an excellent opportunity for learning, interacting and socializing.



Tuesday, Feb 2


at 19:30 GMT 

Session Page


Jonathan Finkelstein
is the founder and President of LearningTimes, LLC and Executive Producer of The LearningTimes Network. As an educator, technologist, industry expert, and producer, he is focused on creating and deploying engaging, web-based and web-enhanced human environments, programs and curricula that foster learning, collaboration and community. Over the last several years, he has worked with numerous leading educational, corporate, and publishing organizations to build learning programs and communities online, including: Columbia University, the New York Department of Education, Harvard, Princeton, CalState University, New Visions for Public Schools, The New York Transit Museum, Lehigh, Houghton Mifflin, NASA, MetLife, and The Princeton Review, among scores of others. For more information, click here 



Friday, Feb 5

17:00 PM GMT


Session Page


Session Recording


Andrew Pincon

Andrew Pincon is Chairman and Executive Director of the Digital Workforce Education Society (DWES) is a non profit, international technology infrastructure provisioning society which provides design/build, turn-key infrastructure services and training  to Computer Training Centers (CTC).  DWES is based out of Chicago, IL with Chapter offices in Basel, Switzerland and Mexico City, MX. Mr. Pincon is also President and CEO of Alado Development, Ltd, a technology consulting engineering practice, with clients like the US Small Business Administration, The IL Department of Commerce and Community Affairs, OSHA, US Postal Service, Compaq Computer Corp. and Qwest Telecommunications. For more information, click here




Thursday Feb 4


at 16 PM GMT


Session Page


Session Recording







Week 5


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT


Rubena St. Louis has a MSc in Applied Linguistics from Simón Bolívar University, in Venezuela where she teaches in their graduate programme and ESP at undergraduate level. Her interests include cognition and learning, Materials development and Evaluation, Language Teaching Methodologies and ITC and Autonomous Learning.  Rubena is a member of the EVO coordination team.

Webheads Elluminate Vroom 


Thursday, Feb 11

at 18:00 GMT


Session Page


Session Recording




Week 6


Speaker Speaker's Bio Venue and Time in GMT


Rita Zeinstejer 


Rita is an EFL teacher with +30 years' experience teaching English at all levels, mainly preparing students to sit for Cambridge FCE and CAE at the Association Rosarina de Cultura Inglesa in Argentina, only center for Cambridge exams in the area, with 2,500 students of English as a foreign language. She is also a Cambridge Oral Examiner, Area Manager for Advanced Courses, and Self Access, Laboratory and Multimedia Coordinator. Rita has given several PPT Presentations on ICT (Information and Communication Technology) and CMC (Computer Mediated Communication) for Language Learning in my place, and in Brazil, after having travelled to Cambridge in August, 1999, for a course on the use of computers for Language Learning. She has been the CALL SIG Coordinator in her area for 7 years now. 



Saturday, February 20

at noon GMT (12:00)




Session Page


Session Recording 









TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO)

A Project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section 






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