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Week 6: Feb 15-21


Blended learning. Wrap-up: conclusions and evaluation. Graduating as a Webhead in Action. 

Moderators: Hala Fawzi  Maru del Campo

Guest Speaker: Rita Zeinstejer





By the end of this week you will have:


  • participated in a live panel discussion on "blended learning"
  • shared your general overview and conclusions about the advantages of the different Web communication tools explored and their role in language learning
  • shared your reflections about this "hands-on" workshop, how or if it has affected your future performance as a language teacher
  • attended a live "Graduation Ceremony" chat
  • graduated as a "Webhead" and joined the "Webheads in Action" community of practice
  • answered the questions of the week
  • read and commented on the Week 6 readings
  • completed the EVO evaluation survey



1. Join Rita Zeinstejer live session on  Saturday, February 20 at noon GMT (12:00) at Webheads Elluminate Vroom . Check your local time here.


2. Be sure you answer the questions of the week (see below).


3. Read and comment on the Week 6 readings (see the readings below). Post your comments to the Week 6 section of the BaW2010 forum.


4. Reflect on and write a short text about your overall impressions of this 6-week workshop, what you've achieved and what you plan to do with your newly-acquired know-how.   Please post your thoughts on the Final Reflections page.


5. Complete the final survey available here.


6. Join us for the BaW 2010 Graduation ceremony. (Venue and time to be confirmed)


7. Join the Webheads in Action, a global community of practice of English teachers, for a chat at Tapped In, and graduate as a Webhead in Action!




Questions of the week


1. What is "blended learning"?


2. Bearing in mind your student population, do you plan to introduce blended learning to them? If so, what activities will you start out with?


3. Which of the tools that you've explored in BaW10 do you consider more appropriate for those activities and how will they be used?


Don´t forget to post your replies to our BaW10 forum



Suggested Readings  (of a very practical nature)

They include articles on Blended Learning and a presentation on Communities of Practice (CoPs).

1. Carman, J. M. (2002). Blended Learning Design: Five Key Ingredients. Knowledge Net

2. E-Learning Resources (2005). Blended Learning.

3. Gonzalez, D. (2005). Blended Learning Offers the Best of Both Worlds. Essential Teacher, Dec. 2005. (.pdf)

4. Hunter, M. (2006). Are You on the PD Cybertrain or Still Hesitating? Teaching English with Technology 6 (3). IATEFL Poland.

5. Rossett, A., Douglis, F., & Frazee, R.V.(2003). Strategies for Building Blended Learning. Learning Circuits.

6. Singh, H. (2003 ). Building Effective Blended Learning Programs (pdf). Educational Technology, Volume 43, Number 6, pp. 51-54.


Optional Readings

1. Almeida d'Eça, T. (2006). Going Global with the Webheads in Action. Teaching English with Technology, Aug. 2006.

2. Graham, C. A. (2005). Blended Learning Systems: Definition, Current Trends, and Future Directions. In Bonk, C. J. & Graham, C. R. (Eds.). (in press). Handbook of blended learning: Global Perspectives, local designs. San Francisco, CA: Pfeiffer Publishing. (esp. pp. 1-6)(.pdf)

3. Rovai, A. P. (2002). Building a Sense of Community at a Distance (pdf). IRRODL, Apr. 2002. Same reading in html format

4. Teaching-Learning Center (2002 ). Hybrid Classes: Maximizing Resources and Student Learning.




Thank you


"Thank you" for being with us these six weeks!!!




TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO)

A Project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section  






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