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Week 5


Developing class materials: interactive exercise creators


Moderators: Fernanda Rodrigues & Helen Davies

Guest Speaker: Rubena St. Louis

Week 5:  February 8 - 14



We are really delighted to be here with you for another week of hands-on activities.


 Enjoy creating and sharing  lots of online learning materials for learners of all ages.







By the end of this week you will have:


    • explored different tools to create online surveys and worksheets, and interactive exercises
    • explored different features of these tools
    • created activities using some of these tools and shared them with the community
    • attended the live presentation on the topic of the week
    • commented on the presentation of the week
    • answered the questions of the week
    • read and commented on the Week 5 readings




Get ready to explore some of the software available for creating online surveys, worksheets and interactive exercises.

We hope to create and share 3 online  exercises.

Start by checking out some of the suggested tools below and let the group know what you think  (send a message to the Yahoo group).


Task 1

  • Take some time to comment on the selected readings.  
  • Write any thoughts, suggestions or comments here on the forum.


Task 2

  • Create an exercise for any of these skills: reading, writing, listening, speaking, or vocabulary. Try a different application each time. 
  • Explore the software for creating online surveys and worksheets.
  • Create an online worksheet for your students. 
  • Create an online survey. 
  • Share your creations !!  Post the links to your exercises on our Participants'productions  page.


Task 3

  • Think about a question you would like Rubena to answer during her presentation. Write your question here ........
  • Attend Rubena St Louis┬┤session on "Materials Creation" at the Webheads Elluminate Vroom on Thursday, Feb 11 at 18:00 GMT
  • Share your reflections on the session on our Blog



Tools to Explore


Interactive exercise creators                                                                                                                                       


Registration Needed No Registration Needed
Hot Potatoes
Script-O! Interactive Exercise Makers
ProProfs QuizFaber
Jordan online quizzes


Quia (free 30-day trial period)



For young learners 


Matching Game Maker Tutorial  

Memory Game Maker Tutorial

Spellmaster Tutorial


Online worksheets
Worksheet Wizard
(Registration Needed)



Online Surveys and Poll creators
SurveyMonkey      Tutorial
Doodle                 Doodle Help
MyStudiyo            MyStudiyo FAQ


Take this quiz:  How Well Do You Know WebTools?  





Other Examples


     Get an idea about online worksheets: edHelper.com


     To discover how interesting online quizzes/exercises can be:



     Check this site 

with a lot of interesting interactive exercises, which we can do for free. Very good for listening practice.


     Teresa's Web-based Activities ; they're organized by grade, skill and name of exercise creator. Though they are mostly for lower levels, they can be adapted to other levels.


If you haven't got internet in the classroom - try this site out for free printables.

Mainly for younger learners,  with lots of worksheets, crosswords and games to prepare and print out  and use in the classroom - but the activities can be adapted for older learners too.


This site is another good starting point for tools to create online or printable resources (nice graphics, very appealing for younger learners and easy to use )





Suggested Readings


Click here for a brief overview of this week's reading suggestion. Don't forget to share your comments in the Discussion Forum!













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A Project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section  



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