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Week 3:


Moderators: Mbarek & Sharon

Guest Speaker: Graham Stanley





Welcome from Sharon and Mbarek: 





By the end of this week you will have:
  • learned about different blogs, wikis, podcast and Social Network providers
  • explored different features of blogs, wikis, Social Networks and podcasts
  • created your own blog, wiki and/or podcast
  • joined a Social Network
  • attended the live presentation on the topic of the week
  • commented on the presentation of the week
  • answered the questions of the week
  • read and commented on the Week 3 readings





Join us for Graham Stanley's presentation about  TWITTER on Tuesday at 21: 00 GMT (check local times here)


The session will be at the Webheads Elluminate virtual room. HereĀ“s a tutorial on how to register and download the program. If you have questions, please post them to the BaW Yahoo Group before Tuesday.



1. What is your definition of a blog, a wiki, a podcast and a Social Network? How are they similar/different? If you would like some ideas, take a look at the suggested readings for this week. Post your definitions and comments on our forum

There are many videos that would be interesting to explore on our Video page.

Here is a blog about a blog - it is quite informative: http://www.bloggingbasics101.com/


2. Visit our blog and explore the different features.

  • How do you post a comment on the blog?
  • How do you moderate comments?
  • How do you post videos, slideshows, pictures?
  • How can you customize the header?
  • How do you post widgets?
  • How do you invite people to contribute as collaborators and authors?


3. Also, explore our wiki. How do you...

  • ... create headlines for the different sections?
  • ... make a word bold?
  • ... insert slideshows?
  • ... post pictures?
  • ... create new pages?


4. Explore different blog hosts and visit some of the blogs there. Here are a few options:


5. Explore some wikis too:


6. For podcasts, a few options to explore:


7. For social networks, a few options to explore:



Also, check TOOLS on our wiki to find more suggestions.


8. And now, why not be a bit more adventurous and create your own blog, wiki or podcast? Don't forget to let the group know about it! Provide the URL so that everybody can visit and leave a comment.

  • What would you like your blog or wiki to be about?
  • Who is going to read it - only you? Other teachers? Your students? Other students? Anyone?
  • Will you work on it alone or would you like to invite other people (students, for example) to write on it?

A few questions to think about after you've chosen a blog host:

  • How do you invite other people to write on your blog?
  • How do you insert photos on your posts?
  • Is it possible to upload videos? What do you need to do?


Useful Links 


Easy podcasting    (video)                 http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/easyPod/index.html 

Podcasting with podomatic  (video)    http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/podomatic/index.html

How to use audacity (video)               http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/audacity1/index.html


How to use Blogger ( video)              http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/blogger/index.html

A guide to Blogspot                          http://www.bloggerfordummies.blogspot.com/


Wikis in Pbworks  ( video)                  http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/pbworks/index.html

From the Pbworks site                    http://pbworks.com/content/supportcenter


How to use Twitter ( video )               http://www.teachertrainingvideos.com/newTwitter/index.html





Our Yahoo Group is located at: http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/baw10/

Dafne, Teresa and the BaW10 Team!


TESOL Electronic Village Online (EVO)

A Project of TESOL's CALL Interest Section  


Comments (3)

Mbarek Akaddar said

at 4:58 pm on Feb 1, 2010

Hi Mbarek
thanks for kind words and for your great work this week.I wonder how have you done so much work and answer for all letters and have you slept all this week?Thanks a lot)

Thanks to Sharon and Mbarek for all their work and efforts!

Thanks Mbarek and Sharon for making it a fully-featured, attractively furnished and comprehensive learning experience.
Congrats and hugs,

Sharon and Mbarek, you have done a great job in week 3.

Teresa and I would like to congratulate Sharon and Mbarek for their fabulous moderating in Week 3. Always there for us with information or a word of advice. :)
Thank you, Sharon and Mbarek!!!
Daf and Teresa

Loved working with Mbarek - what a great moderator.

Thank you Mbarek for all your help.I have enjoyed and benefited a lot from the activities of week 3.I thank you all moderators for their encouragements and feed back.They are doing a great job which deserves more than a "thank you in deed".
Habiba Remmal

Mbarek Akaddar said

at 4:58 pm on Feb 1, 2010

Dear Mbarek and Sharon,
What a great work! You did an amazing job with so many good tips and took care very well of the participants. Congratulations!
Isabel Cristina de Araújo Teixeira

I m proud and honored to have co moderated week 3 with Sharon .She's a really kind hearted professional I highly appreciate having this experience with her .

I would like to show my appreciation to our wonderful moderators, Sharon and Mbarak. You both did a great job and it wouldn't have been complete without the presence of Teresa (collaborator) and former moderators, Dafne, Anisoara, Larissa and Jose
Antonio, who were always there to help.
Belkis Yanes

Dear Mbarek and Sharon,
I back Kat's words. You've done an excellent job. Congratulations!!! We hope to continue your path. We also count on Daf and Tere's experience to make it another successful week.
Evelyn Izquierdo

Hi Mbarek and Sharon
well done - that was a really "full" week - lots to do and learn and so many tools to bookmark !
Let's enjoy week 4 now !

Dear Mbarek and dear Sharon,
You have tried a lot to involve our busy teachers into learning more, more and even moooooooooooooooore!
Valentina Sitnik,
Russia, Elista, Kalmykia

Kudos to my companion during week 3 Sharon who was very friendly , vigilent , helpful and professional .I was really lucky and honored to conduct week 3 with her

Mbarek Akaddar said

at 2:40 pm on Feb 2, 2010

Dear Mbarek and Sharon,
Congratulations!! Your work was more than satisfying. Your assistance motivated us a lot all along week three. Thanks to you two and to Graham Stanley. Now we are leaving week three and we are sure that you your assistance is not going to finish. I am sure that you cannot leave us without some help from time to time. Thanks again.best regards

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